Flora and Vegetation of “Grand Park of Tirana” and Southern Area


1 Faculty of Natural Science, Research Center of Flora and Fauna, University of Tirana, Tirana – Albania

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This study aims to identify the flora and the main vegetation groups of the “Grand Park of Tirana”, by classifying them with the hemeroby parameter. The selected site is semi-natural, which means that the park was built on existing vegetation of Mediterranean forests and shrubs. The registered native flora is a total of 337 species, which belong to 73 families and 248 genera and makes up 27% of Tirana Flora. The hemeroby index was calculated by classifying the vegetation groups and to each vegetation type was given a hemeroby index, according to Kowarik grades. For each species was assigned a hemeroby value. The dominant species are the oligohemerobe and mesohemerobe ones. It means that the park preserve it naturalness with a high degree of urban impact. The main vegetation classes’ occuring in the park are: Phragmito-Magnocaricetea, Bidentetea tripartitae, Stellarietea mediae, Sisymbrietea officinalis etc. The results are digitalized on the map area by using Arc Map 10.1.

Keywords: Urban Park, hemeroby, GIS, ruderal vegetation.

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