The Influence of Situational Factors on Consumer Purchasing BehaviorThe Case of Covid – 19

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The use of technology in all areas of life has made it part of social norms and life style. Consumer behavior in this new
light has been modified in work, living and entertainment environments. The coexistence with technology was really
challenged with the emergence of the pandemic Covid-19. In conditions of social distancing or even complete isolation
the only way to connect with the world were technological devices and the Internet. This opportunity somewhat relieved
the fear created in the population but also in the role and need of the consumer to buy and consume products. The
purpose of this paper is to present through a review of the literature, the impact brought by the Covid-19 pandemic
treated as a situational factor, to better measure consumer behavior through online shopping. Covid-19 is envisaged as
a situational factor that influenced this behavior for experienced consumers in online shopping as well as for those with
no experience at all. Online shopping studies often offer sometimes contradictory literature. Many consumers consider
online shopping as a way to save time in choosing and evaluating product alternatives. This is also driven by the
increased use of the internet and the increased familiarity with electronic devices. Has this behavior been observed even
in the case of online purchases of food products? Food products are a category of products to which consumers are
sensitive because they are directly related to consumer health. They are also in consumer choices purchases that are
influenced by sensory features in choices. Online purchases of food products turned out to be a field of study where the
literature presents little empirical data. This paper aims to contribute to the recognition of the impact of Covid-19 as an
incentive for online shopping and to compare whether the presence of a global influencing factor such as Covid-19
proves that online shopping will be settled definitively or will be just an alternative.

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