Length-Weight Relationship and Fulton’s Condition Factor of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)


1Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary of Pristine, Kosovo
2Department of Animal Production, Agriculture University of Tirana, Tirana – Albania

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Length-weight relationship and condition factor are an important, easy and fast tool for determination of the fish
condition. These parameters are also important as early warning for management problems on the fish farm. Subject of
this study were 130 freshwater rainbow trout with an average weight and length of 375 ± 95gr and fork length of30 ±
2.0 cm respectively. Coefficient of correlation (R²) for length weight relationship was calculated, whereas for
condition factor (K) was used “Fulton’s condition factor” formula. Result shows that correlation between length and
weight, same as condition factor are low with a value of R² = 0.44 and K = 1.38 respectively. Condition of the fish is
under desirable level and some management improvements are needed.

 Keywords: Rainbow trout, K-factor, length, weight.