Estimation of Grain Yield, Grain Components and Correlations between Them in some Oat Cultivars


1Agricultural Technology Transfer Center (ATTC), Fushë Krujë, Albania

2Department of Agronomy, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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The experiment was carried out at ATTC  Fushë Krujë during 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. The experimental design  was according to randomized complete block at 4 replications. The aim of the study was to determine the differences between 10 oat cultivars (A. sativa L.) for the grain yield and its related elements, and correlation coefficients between them. The correlation coefficients were determined between grain yield (GY) and plant height (PH), number of productive tillers m-2 (NPT), panicle length (PL), grain number panicle-1 (NGP), panicle weight (PW), 1000 grain weight (1000 GW), harvest index (HI). Based on the results of the correlation coefficients, GY was negatively correlated with PH (r = – 0.23), PT (r = -0.36) and 1000 GW (r = – 0.29). In addition, our study showed that taller stem cultivars had lower production than short stem cultivars, which is reflected in their lower production. This trait showed a strong positive correlation with PL (r = 0.31), NGP (r = 0.78), PW (r = 0.95) and HI (r = 0.97). The data showed that the cultivars with these higher traits showed a higher grain yield. In our study, the results of related correlations show that traits such as plant height, panicle length, grains number panicle -1, panicle weight and harvest index can be used as an evaluation criterion in breeding work with oats in the climatic conditions of Albania.

Keywords: Avena sativa, correlation, cultivars, grain production, traits.