Effect of Nano AG on the Rooting Ability of the Cv.”Ulli i Kuq”


1 Agricultural University of Tirana, Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

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The cultivar U.i Kuq is characterized by a poor rooting capacity (less than 20%). The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the efficiency of use of a commercial product (Nano Ag) as  a rooting agent to this specific cultivar. For that purpose an initial stock solution containing 530 mg Nano AG capsules dissolved in 0.5 liters of distilled water was prepared. Further, to test the effect of Nano AG on the rooting capability of olive cuttings several diluted solutions were prepared, as following; V1 = 5 ml stock solution + 100 ml of distilled water; V2 = 10 ml stock solution + 100 ml distilled water; V3 = 15 ml stock solution + 100 ml distilled water; V4 = 20 ml stock solution + 100 ml distilled water. Treatment with Nano AG has shown encouraging results in rooting capacity of cv.U. i Kuq cuttings (up 40-45%). Therefore, Nano AG should be considered as a good alternativefor cultivars with poor rooting capacity through treatment with auxin AIB. Based on this fact, we recommend further studies with other olive cultivars by using  other, more diversified treatment doses.

Keywords: Cultivar; rooting capacity; Nano Ag; stock solution, auxin.