Volume 12 Issue I

Soil moisture distribution over time in a clay loam soil in Kosovo.
Abdullah Nishori, Besnik Gjongecaj, Demë Abazi
Abstract Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 1 – 5. Publ. Date: 14 February 2013
 (Open Access) 
Comparing ETp calculated by Penman-Monteith formulae with the evaporation from a free water table in the Field of Kosovo. 
Demë Abazi, Besnik Gjongecaj, Abdullah Nishori
 Abstract Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 7 – 13 Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access) 
The influence of season collection of explants on micropropagation of peach rootstock GF-677.
Elektra Spahiu, Bari Hodaj Petrit Rama
Abstract  Full text (PDF);Full text (XML); pp. 15 – 18; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access) 
Economical effectiveness of vegetative pear nurseries in Albania.
Bardhosh Ferraj, Elsa Mane, Lush Susaj, Dudi Suli, Elisabeta Susaj, Pashk Leka
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 19 – 23; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Risk assessment of Butrinti lagoon: spatial and temporal distribution of heavy metals in different pools.
Teuta Topi, Aida Bani, Sulejman Sulçe
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 25 – 31; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Statistical analysis of factors affecting crop production in Navrongo, Tono irrigation dam a case study. 
D. Jakperik  and S. Oduro
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 33 – 36; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
In vitro propagation of a forest tree Paulownia tomentosa( Thunb.) Steud.- A valuable medicinal tree species.
Nada Ben Bahri, Taoufik Bettaieb
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 37 – 42; Publ. Date: 14 February 2013
 (Open Access)
In vitro propagation of pomegranate (Punica granatum l.) cv. ‘Males yazdi’. 
Babak Valizadeh Kaji, Ahmad Ershadi, Masoud Tohidfar
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 43 – 48; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Weed control – a key factor for successful crop associations.
Albert Kopali, Zydi Teqja
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 49 – 55; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Linking rumen disorders to immunity in cattle: old and new paradigms. 
Qendrim Zebeli and Burim N. Ametaj.
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 57 – 60; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Molecular Evolution of P-glycoproteins (P-gp) in Teleost Fishes.
Rigers Bakiu
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 65 -73; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Review: importance of establishing and running a breeding program in the developing fish farming industry.
Agim Rexhepi, Kurtesh Sherifi, Hysen Bytyqi, Behlul Behluli
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 75 – 79; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Antibiotic Resistance Pattern Of Bacterial Pathogens Isolated From Poultry Manure Used To Fertilize Fish Ponds In New Bussa, Nigeria. 
Funso Omojowo and Folakemi Omojasola
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 81 – 85; Publ. Date: 14 February 2013
 (Open Access)
Distribution of Chlorophyll a in Lagoon of Butrint waters comparing with environment factors (Albania). 
Jerina Kolitari, Laura Gjyli, Lindita Mukli, Silvana Gjyli, Jerina Vukaj
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 87 – 93; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Control of brucellosis in cattle from Durres and Lushnja complexes through the application of Brucella abortus rb51 vaccine control of brucellosis in cattle.
Besa Ndoci, Pellumb Muhedini.
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 95 – 98; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Serological investigation on Chlamydophila abortus infection in cattle from Albania.
Arla Juma, Ilir Cera, Jonida Boci, Lulzime Haxha, Zsuzsa Kreizinger, Miklós Gyuranecz, Xhelil Koleci
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 99 – 102; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
The assessment of some performance and welfare indicators in rainbow trout. (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792), reared under two different feeding practices.
Enton Spaho, Lumturi Papa, Enkelejda Sallaku, Fidel Gjurgji
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 103 – 109; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Socio-economic Determinants of Output of Groundnut Production in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.
Peter A. Ekunwe, Christopher. O. Emokaro and Grace A. Aigba
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 111 – 116; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Challenging financial Institutions in the region on organizational culture change.
Dritan Abazi and Donika Kercini
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 117 – 121; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Legal issues on subsidies of endangered animal breeds in Albania and their need for improvement in light of international and EU legislations.
Andon Kume
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 123 – 127; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Heavy metals determination and assessment in a petroleum impacted River in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. 
H.I Owamah
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 129 – 133; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Impact of replacing corn and soya beans with sorghum and faba beans on ruminal fermentation and milk quality in sicilo sarde dairy ewes. 
Houcine Selmi, Abderrahmene Ben Gara, Borni Jemmali, Marouene Amraoui, Boulbaba Rekik and Hammadi Rouissi
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 135 – 142; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013
 (Open Access)
Efficacy of Consortium Bacteria for Control Rice Diseases under System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in West Java-Indonesia. 
Yadi Suryadi, Dwiningsih Susilowati, Alina Akhdiya, Triny Suryani Kadir and Baskoro Wibowo
Abstract  Full text (PDF)Full text (XML); pp. 143 – 147; Publ. Date: 14 February  2013