Volume 12 Issue II

Assessment of natural feeding in larvae, free living fry and fingerlings of silver carp (Hypopthalmichthys molitrix Valenc. in Cuvier and Valenc., 1844) and grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella Valenc. in Cuvier and Valenc., 1844). 
Marsida Bllaca (Libohova); Arben Boçari; Vladimir Spaho
Abstract Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 149 – 158. Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
 (Open Access) 
Effect of pregnancy in hematological profile of dogs. 
Elenica Dimco, Jetmira Abeshi, Erinda Lika, Gerta Dhamo
 Abstract Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 159 – 162. Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access) 
Effect of prohexadione-calcium(Regalis) on shoot growth in Pear var. Passe Crassane. 
Maxhun Shehaj, Petrit Rama, Bari Hodaj. 
 Abstract Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 163 – 165. Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access) 
Genetic analysis of earliness indicators in upland cotton.
Amir Shakeel, Areej Javaid, Jehanzeb Farooq, Mughees Tahir And Asif Saeed. 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 167 – 172. Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Evaluation of nitrates in albanian wines
Ariola Morina, Renata Kongoli
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 173 – 176 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Dynamics of graft formation in fruit trees: a review.
GK Mahunu, M. Osei-Kwarteng, A. K. Quainoo
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 177 – 180 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Land Information System (LIS) as a tool for the regional sustainable development in the southern part of Albania .<span”> 
Shpëtim Tafaj, Ylli Pirro, Fatbardh Sallaku
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 181 – 184 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Clinicopathological findings in dogs naturally infected dogs with Babesia.. 
Egon Andoni, Dhimitër Rapti, Rezart Postoli, Elenica Dimco, Jeta Abeshi 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 185 – 189 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Early selection of kabuli chickpea genotypes (Cicer arietinum L.) tolerant to osmotic water stress.. 
Kamel Ben Mbarek,  Mohsen Boubaker
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 191 – 201 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Heterosis and combining ability for seed yield and its components in Brassica juncea l.. 
Frasat Saeed, Muhammad Hammad Nadeem Tahir, Shehzad Ahmad Kang, Muhammad Riaz, Jehanzeb Farooq, Madeeha Saeed
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 203 – 208 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Oestrus synchronization using two intravaginal progestagens (FGA and CIDR) for eCG-estrus induction in indigenous Red Sokoto goats during the cold dry season. 
Bobwealth Oakina Omontese, Peter Ibrahim Rekwot, Iyorhemba Utim Ate, Joseph Sankey Rwuaan and Hussaina Joan Makun
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 209 – 213 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Assessment of weed species composition and species diversity in some fruit orchards. 
Patience Olorunmaiye, Stephen Taiwo, Olawale Alamu, Kehinde Egberongbe and Paul Adeoye. 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 215 – 222 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Impact of herbicides upon the dynamic of the organic carbon in soils. 
Zouaoui, R Cheloufi, H Messaadia. 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 223 – 228 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Socio-economic impacts of sand and gravel mining activities in Nsugbe, Anambra state, Nigeria. 
Onwuka, S.U., Duluora J.O. and Amaechi, I.E. 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 229 – 235 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
The role of agricultural education institutions in knowledge transfer on agriculture entrepreneurship. 
Mimoza Koka 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 237 – 241 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Interaction of benzylaminopurine (bap) and indol butiric acid (iba) on root induction in Olea europea L. 
Adhurim Lazaj, Petrit Rama, Bari Hodaj,Edlira Kukali 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 243 – 245 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Metallothionein (MT): a good biomarker in marine sentinel species like sea bream (Sparus aurata). 
Rigers Bakiu, Gianfranco Santovito, Anila Hoda, Julian Shehu, Silvia Durmishaj, Paola Irato, Ester Piccinni
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 247 – 253 Publ. Date: May 2013
(Open Access)
Evaluation of water deficiency at the post anthesis and source limitation during grain filling on grain yield, yield formation, some morphological and phonological traits and gas exchange bread wheat cultivar. 
Majid Abdoli, Mohsen Saeidi
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 255 – 265 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Physical, Chemical and Performance Evaluation of Different Commercial Brands of Layers, Broilers Starter and Finisher Feeds
Johnson O. Oyedeji, Titilayo C. Olupitan, Helen I. Ajayi, James I. Imouokhome, Olujumoke O. Sonuyi and O. Iyede
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 267 – 273 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Factors influencing the use of traditional healing among farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria
Gbolagade B. Adesiji and Sola E. Komolafe
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 275 – 281 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
The study of rhizogenesis in the vegetative sprig of the olive (olea europaea l.) Through the method of mist propagation. 
Hairi Ismaili, Vasil Lani
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 283 – 287 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
The analyse of Chlorobenzenes (CBS) in the soil environment. 
Ferdi Brahushi, Ulrike Dörfler, Edlira Shahinasi, Rainer. Schroll and Jean Charl Munch
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 289 – 295 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
The role of railway infrastructure on the tourism development (case Albania). 
Fabjola Bramo  
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 297 – 300 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Prevalence of familial hirsutism in an albanian female population. 
Armida Koci, Tefta Rexha 
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 301 – 303 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Speech acustic analysis and mfcc extraction. 
Olti Qirici, Redi Qirici
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 305 – 308 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Growth and Carcass characteristics of the indigenous and exotic cockerel released on free range as influenced by age, strain and location of farmers in South Eastern Nigeria.. 
Georges Ejiogu, Ifeanyi Okoli, Georges Anyanwu, Maxwell Opara, Chikodi Okoro and Victor-Mela Okoro
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 309 – 313 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Evaluation of Albanian Immunization Program with Hepatitis B vaccine. 
Erida Nelaj, Mirela Lika (Cekani), Silva Bino
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 315 – 319 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013
(Open Access)
Physico chemical characteristics and heavy metal contents of water from Butrinti lagoon, Albania.
Teuta Topi, Aida Bani, Sulejman Sulçe
Abstract  Full text (PDF); Full text (XML); pp. 321 – 326 Publ. Date: 8 May 2013