Volume 11 Issue I

The potential for biomass energy in three Albanian regions. 

S. Sulçe, J. Malltezi, F. Guri, A. Jupe, A. Taka, A. Bani.

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Utilization of root-colonizing fungi for improved performance of agricultural crops.

A.  Trebicka, R. Oelmüller, I. Sherameti, P. L. Nongbri, J. M.  Johnson.

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Fungi frequence of Candida genus at the pulmonary patents, their identification and characterisation. 

Dh. Torba, M. Lika (Çekani), F. Sinani. 

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Clostridium difficile infection: Risk factors, Diagnosis and Control. 

Xh. Koleci, T. Janvilisri.

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The effects of root intervention on stand establishment rate of grafted watermelon (Citrullus aedulis L) seedlings under saline conditions. 

G. Sallaku, E. Islami, A. Balliu.

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29 – 33

Identification of best management alternatives for shrub formations in Albania. 

G. Kromidha, A. Diku and Y. Hoxha. 

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The Albanian land rights security perception and factors influencing it. 

E. Zhllima,D.  Imami. 

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Genetic improvement of Kaninjot variety from clonal selection.

 H. Ismaili, A. Cimato, H. Fiku. 

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Behavior of the pathogen P. leucotricha in different methods and fungicides. 

M. Salihaj, M. Hasani. 

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