Volume 10 Issue I

Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Maize Canopy to Determine Biomass and Chlorophyll Concentration at Early Stages of Plant Growth.

V. Mirdita, J.C. Reif, A. Ibraliu, A.E. Melchinger, and J M. Montes

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Selection criteria for improved grain yield in durum wheat. F. Kashta, A. Canko, P. Harizaj, N. Vata

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Antibiotic extract of streptomycetes in pathogen bacteria.

F. Gavazaj

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Application on GIS for land use planning in central part of Albania, Maminas Commune. 

L. Dushaj, F. SallakuSh. Tafaj, S. Rrapo

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23 – 29

The assessment of air and water quality of Sharra landfill 

A. Bani, F. Brahushi, E. Çela, S. Mustafaj E. Jojiç 

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Bacterial load in the human upper respiratory tract .

 M. Lika (Çekani), A. Kullaj, E. Nelaj, O. Meçe

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Modification of photoperiod reduces early sexual maturation in juvenile sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) (Hormonal aspects). 

E. Hala, R. Rodriguez, A. Felip, S. Zanuy M. Carrillo

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