Volume 10 Issue III


Probability Sampling Designs for Veterinary Epidemiology.

 Xhelil Koleci, Chris L. S. Coryn,  Kristin A. Hobson, Rruzhdi Keçi

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The treatment of the forearm fractures in dogs. 

E. Lika, P. Gjino, E. Sherko.

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17 – 22

Influence of methanol extract in shoot proliferation of plum (Prunus domestica .) cv “Shengjine” by in vtro propagation.

Valdete Vorpsi, Petrit Rama, Gjok Vuksani

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23 – 26

Assessments of heavy metals in surface urban soils: a study from Elbasani, Albania.

Odeta Tota, Fatbardh Sallaku

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27 – 33

Factors determining collective action in Albanian agriculture: Case of apple producers in Albania.

Engjell Skreli, Rezear Kola, Myslym Osmani

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35 – 41

Balance of payments, namely the current account deficit and the effect on the exchange rate. 

Mimoza Koka

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43 – 48

GAP analysis of protected areas in the DINARIC ARC Eco-region with focus on Albanian results. 

G. Kromidha, A. Diku and Z. Dedej

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49 – 54

Mercury, lead, cadmium and chrome concetration levels in fish for public consumption.

Enkeleda Ozuni , Luljeta Dhaskali, Doriana Beqiraj, Jetmira 1abeshi, Fatgzim Latifi, Muhamed Zogaj, Imer Haziri

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The influence of Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) in rooting of the different vegetative cuttings of Thuya occidentalis “ emeraud”.  

Pashk Lekaj, Elisabeta Susaj, Elsa Zela, Esmeralda Sherko, Lush Susaj.

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61 – 64