Volume 9 Issue III

The central roles of iron and calcium for plant/microbe interaction and shaping microbial communities in the soil.

Sherameti Irena, Joy Michal Johnson, Nongbri Pyniarlang, Oelmüller Ralf

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Emergy synthesis of Albania for 2007.

Harizaj Pëllumb

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 25 -30
Production and periodicity characteristics of some olive cultivars (Olea europaea l) in Vlora environmental conditions.

Ismaili H, Vorpsi V, Veshaj Z, Sevo R

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 31 -38
Interaction of gibberelic acid (GA3) and naphtalene acetic acid (NAA) on root induction in Olea europea l.

Rama Petrit, Kukali Edlira

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 39– 43
Evaluation of some productive traits in Large White and Duroc breeds.

Gjurgji Fidel, Bozgo Vilson

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 45 -49
Effects of pre-incubation storage time of ostrich eggs on their incubation and hatching results.

Sena Lumturi, Sena Sabah

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51 – 56
Preliminary research for the presence of parasites in swine in Albania,

Juka Edith, Kumbe Ilirjan, Bizhga Bejo, Sotiri Esmeralda, Lamaj Shemsho

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 57– 66
Public expenditure and economic growth: an empirical assessment for albanian economy 

Liko Elida, and Kola Tonin

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Improvement of the technological characteristics of the Tirana’s black olive through the clone selection.

Vorpsi Valdete, Ismaili Hajri, Abazi Uran, Çiçi Ilir

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