A Residential Landscape Design Model for the Tirana Area


1Agricultural University of Tirana, Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture .Konder Kamez, Tirane

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Landscape architecture is a relatively new discipline in Europe, but almost unknown in Albania before 1990. It has experienced rapid development during the last decade in our country.
A model of residential landscape design for a family home in Lunder, Tirana is presented. Tirana lies at the coordinates 41.33°, north latitude to 19.82 ° latitude to the east. The Tirana plain is included in the Coastal Lowland area, which is distinguished by a Mediterranean climate, with short and mild winters and hot summers. The city of Tirana has an average height of 110 m above sea level while the height of the plain is 521m.
Three site visits were conducted during the design process; at the first visit, a general survey of the country, climatic
and soil conditions, and a family interview were conducted. After analyzing this information, a design program was compiled. The main request of the project beneficiaries was its realization at minimal cost, recommending the use of plants with small size that, over time will give the full ornamental effect.
A freehand project idea is presented during the second visit taking into account all the requirements of the project beneficiary.
The agreement with the family members was reflected in the final master plan submitted with the help of the Real – time Landscape Architect software.
The selection of plants was done by applying the basic design principles by combining their flowers with th e reddish color of the house and surrounding wall with local stone tiles.
Lagerstroemia indica, Bougainvillea spectabilis, Rosa spp., Wisteria sinensis with red, pink, purple flowers combine quite well with the colors of the structural elements of the garden and the house.

Keywords: Residential landscape, design project, Mediterranean plants.