Comparative Study of Visitors’ Satisfaction with Hospitality Services in Nigeria


Department of Ecotourism and Wildlife Management, Federal University of Technology Akure

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Tourism has been globally recognized and described as one of the fastest developing industries, with huge impacts in economies all over the world. This study thus aimed to examine and compare visitors’ satisfaction with hospitality services across two distinct destinations; Kainji Lake National Park and Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort by using structured questionnaire targeted at 197 visitors of the sites randomly. Data was thereafter collated, analysed and presented descriptively and inferentially. Results indicated that the visitors at both sites were satisfied more with the accommodation sector of the sites than other hospitality sectors. Results also indicated that visitors were mostly highly satisfied with Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort and fairly satisfied with Kainji Lake National Park. Further analysis indicated a significant difference in the overall satisfaction of the visitors with both sites indicating that the sites need to work further to improve the satisfaction of visitors which in turn leads to loyalty of the visitors and will thus improve the destinations’ competitiveness in the tourism market.


Keywords: Tourism; Destination; Accommodation; Expectation; Visit; Leisure.