Economic Analysis of the Effect of Flooding on Cassava-Based Production in Delta State, Nigeria


Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin, P.M.B. 1154, Benin City, Nigeria

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The study analysed the economic effect of flooding on cassava-based production in Delta State of Nigeria. A three-stage sampling procedure was used to sample 240 cassava-based farmers in the study area. Data were collected from the respondents using structured questionnaire. A total of 238 correctly completed questionnaires were used for analysis. Data were analysed using both descriptive statistics and quantitative techniques. The results showed that majority (96%) of the respondents had their farmland (2.87 hectares) affected by flood with about 2281.29kg/ha of cassava yield lost to the flood. The average cost of direct damage to cassava by flood was N1,595,773.30 while the average estimated total cost of losses due to flood was N931,025.33. Four variables, including cost of damage to farmers’ house, clean-up cost, value of expected yield lost to flood and total cost of damage to farmland  had significant positive effect on the total cost of losses due to the flood. The major significant strategy employed by the respondents to guide against the effect of flood was adjustment of planting date, while the strategy of quick harvesting of the crop before flood was not significant. It was recommended that the cassava farmers should cultivate fast growing and quick yielding cassava varieties that would be planted and quickly harvested before flood.

Keywords: Analysis, Effect, Flooding, Cassava, Production, Nigeria