Albanian Consumer Perceptions and Preferences for Goatkid Meat with Focus on Food Safety


1Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana – Albania

2Development Solutions Associates, Tirana – Albania

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Livestock is the most important agrifood sector in Albania and meat is one of the main elements of consumers’ food basket. There is a strong tradition of production and consumption of small ruminant (including goatkid) meat consumption in Albania – level of goatkid meat consumption is much higher compared to European pattern. The purpose of this paper is to address food safety perception of Albanian consumers for the goatkid meat. Primary data were obtained from a field survey which was conducted among 250 Albanian consumers in Tirana. The method used to explore consumer preferences consists of descriptive statistical analysis. Results show that the majority of the respondents prefer to purchase the goatkid meat from an unknown butcher with a veterinary certification/stamp rather than from a known butcher without veterinarian stamp, however the perceptions vary according to education level. Stronger food safety enforcement and trust is important to promote local production.

Keywords: Consumer preferences; goatkid meat; food safety perceptions.