Comparative Survey of the Effectiveness of Hormonal Treatment with PGF2-Alpha and Gnrh, in the Cows With Sub-Estrus of some Farms in the Polog Region


1 Secondary School “Mosha Pijade” – Ilindenska, 1200, Tetova, Macedonia
2 University “Kliment Ohridski” – 1 May, Bitola, 7000, Macedonia



Sub-estrus is a special form of temporary infertility in cows. It delays their pregnancy and makes it difficult to realize the economic objective; a cow, a calf, a year. Cows with sub-estrus possess active ovaries, develop cycles, but do not develop sexual excitement during estrus (fervor). In essence, sub-estrus is a neuro-hormonal disorder related to a variety of factors. The fact that sub-estrus often meets even in cow families, makes you think that the diagnosis in question is also due to the little care that is usually shown on the cow’s observation and detection of fervor. According to contemporary concepts, quite a deficiency, objective or subjective, which are conditioning the high incidence of sub estrus, can be overcome through early diagnosis, hormonal therapy and programmed insemination of cows with sub estrus, in fixed days and hours. The purpose of the study is related to the definition: The efficacy of two methods of hormone treatment with anti lutein (PGF2-alpha) and gonadorelin (GnRH), in enhancing sexual excitement and the fast pregnancy of cows affected by sub-estrus and to rate the pregnancy of cows with sub-estrus, which are treated with hormonal standards and inseminated at fixed time. The importance of the study lies in the fact that it provides for the cows a method of treatment and insemination programmed for cows with sub-estrus, in order to increase their annual fertility.

Keywords: Sub-estrus; infertility; PGF2-alpha; GnRH.