A SWOT Analysis of Parks and Recreation System in Tirana


1Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Albania

2Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

*Elona Pojani; E-mail: elonapojani@feut.edu.al

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This study presents a SWOT analysis of the Parks and Recreation System in the city of Tirana, Albania. The methodology we employ includes desk research and inputs from local government institutions in charge of park management and maintenance. Following the SWOT analysis, we identify strategic options for the development of recreation sectors. We emphasize that more efforts should be given to activities aiming at gaining the trust of the population and civil society. Communication strategies with citizens should be conducted through information and awareness campaigns or through information technology. A formal methodology for appraising and prioritizing projects is also needed, in order to identify and implement those projects that give the highest benefits in terms of costs. The practice is hindered by budgetary constraints. More financing options can be exploited through the involvement of the private sector in recreation programs.

Keywords: Parks, recreation, SWOT analysis, strategic planning, environment, urbanization, Albania
JEL classification: Q56, Q57, Q58.

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