Evaluation of Caffeine in Soft and Energy Drinks by Means of UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

NERTIL XHAFERAJ*, ANISA PECULI, ANILA KOPALI, AIDA SHKURTI, FATJON HOXHA 1 Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty Biotechnology and Food, Department of Agro-Food Technology, Street ‘PaisiVodica’, Koder-Kamez, 1029 Tirana, Albania *Corresponding author e-mail: nxhaferaj@ubt.edu.al Download PDF Fulltext Abstract The UV-VIS spectrometry is a method frequently used for routine caffeine determination in beverages. Caffeine absorb at UV-VIS region […]

Evaluation of Phosphorus in Cola Drinks in Albanian Market

ANISA PEÇULI*, NERTIL XHAFERAJ, ANILA KOPALI, AIDA SHKURTI, FATJON HOXHA Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Biotechnology andFood, Department of Agro-Food Technology Kodër Kamëz, SH1, Tirana 1000, Albania *Corresponding author e-mail: apeculi@ubt.edu.al Download PDF Fulltext Abstract Phosphates are inorganic compounds, based on the element phosphorus (P), and combined with oxygen to form phosphates (PO4), the […]

Sandy Dunes Vegetation in Narta

RUDINA KOÇI*1, ALMA IMERI2, 1Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment; 2Agricultural University of Tirana,Faculty of Agriculture and Environment; *Corresponding author e-mail: rudikoci@gmail.com Download PDF Fulltext Abstract Extensive dunes occur on exposed coastline of Narta area from Vjosa mouth till Old Beach of Vlora. This region in particular has some of the largest […]

Strength of t-joints in wooden constructions

ERALD KOLA1*, HEKTOR  THOMA1 1Department of Wood Industry, Faculty of Forestry Sciences, Agricultural University of Tirana, 1029 Tirana *Corresponding author e-mail: eraldkola1987@gmail.com Download PDF Fulltext Abstract This paper is focused on the determination of mechanical properties and loading capacity for T-joints used in wooden construction. The results can be adapted both in the furniture construction and […]