Characterisation of virgin olive oils of cultivar from Adriatic and Ionian Coast grown in The Germoplasm Bank Collection


1Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Food Research Center, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania, Rr. Bedri Krapici Tirana Albania

2IFAPA Centro “Venta del Llano”, Junta de Andalucia, P.O. Box 50, Mengibar, Jaén E-23620, Spain

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This work presents the olive oil characterization of eleven olive varieties from Adriatic and Ionian coast, grown on the Olive Germplasm Bank of Cordoba. The cultivar selected were: ‘Frantoio, ‘Pendolino’ and ‘Razzola (Italy), ‘Amigalolia Nana’ and ‘Kerkiras’ (Greece), ‘Kalinjot’, ‘Kotruvsi’, Mixani’ and ‘Ulliri I Kuq (Albania) and ‘Lastovka’ and ‘Levantinka’ (Croatia).
The extraction of olive oil was performed using “Abencor” system. In the olive oil have been determined: fatty acid composition, minor compounds (total poliphenols, orthodiphenols, tocopherols and pigments), oxidative stability and sterol composition.
The olive oils showed an oleic acid content included in the range from 62 % to 73 %. ‘Levantinka’ oils present the highest values in oleic acid while ‘Kerkiras’ oils variety showed highest value on palmitic acid content.
Most of the varieties have shown high polyphenols content around of (480-745 ppm). ‘Pendolino’, ‘Amigdalolia Nana’, ‘Mixani’ and ‘Lastovka, cultivars have shown lower values in the range of 357- 230 ppm. Olive oils from ‘Kerkiras’ and ‘Kalinjot’ cultivars showed the highest values of tocopherols content (449 mg/kg – 594 mg/kg).
The oxidative stability of oil depends on phenols compounds and oleic acid content. The cultivars that have shown the highest value in this compounds have shown high stability. ‘Levantinka’, ‘Ulliri I Kuq’ and ‘Frantoio’ oils showed the higher oxidative stability.
The levels of the sterol obtained from different olive oils lie within the established Regulation limits (CEE Regulation 2568, 1991). ‘Frantoio’, ‘Kerkiras, and ‘Kotruvsi’ olive oils have shown the highest level of total sterol fraction than the rest of the variety in this study.

Keywords: Olive oil; composition; olive cultivars; Adriatic and Ionian coast.

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