Advanced technology of energy use of biomass. The study case: theburning of the distilled waste of sage in Albania.


1Agriculture University of Tirana

2Polytechnic University of Tirana

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Biomass waste management systems with low environmental impact, which are able to protect the health and safety of inhabitants, are now gaining global attention. There is currently an increasing interest in new renewable energy generation methods, where its production from biomass is constantly growing. Burning or incineration is a known method for disposal of biomass residues. One of the main objectives of the National Energy Strategy for 2018-2030 for Albania is to provide incentives for implementing the necessary climate change policies, such as achieving renewable energy (RES) and efficiency energy targets and reduce negative environmental impacts. According to a study by the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of renewable energies and specifically in assessing the potential of biomass in our country, the conclusion is reached that biomass represents a considerable source which has not yet been fully exploited.
In this paper, there is going to be presented the most advanced technology that is used in our days, to burn the waste after the distillation of sage. Like we know, the practice methods for the burning of biomass and waste that are used for electric uses, for example to produce heat and electricity, they are
– Burning in grilling boilers
– Burning in boilers with food from below
– Fluidized base technology
This article treats arguments that technology with dusty base the most appropriate and is one efficient technology for the cremation of biomass, secondary fuels and coal, as well as for combustion of other combustible waste.
There are two essential factors that give impetus to the application of this technology in the energy industry:
First, the use of this technology is possible to burn with efficient fuel efficiency with low calorific power such as household waste or other combustible waste.
Second, an avand of this is that it gives the possibilty of a low chance of pollution from the cermation, without the need of the expensive machines of cleaning of the gaseous current.

Keywords: Biomass, electrical energy, renewable energy source.

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