Analyse of life forms and floristic elements of some medicinal plants in Bredhik Reserve, Sharr Mountain in Kosovo


1 PhD candidat, Department of Plant Production, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

2 Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning -DAPK “Sharr Mountain”

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This study represents the results for inventory of medicinal plants on the territory of Bredhik Natural Strict Reserve (Sharr Mountain, Kosovo) during 2018. The inventory of medicinal flora, are made for the first time in this area. The study shows the presence of 92 taxa within 70 genera and 42 families. Their taxonomic structure, life forms and biological types are discussed. Detailed information on their phytogeographical structure by major floral types and conservation status of taxa is presented to. The species with any conservation status by the international legislation are 60 or 65.22% of the total taxa’s number. The analysis of life forms has shown that medicinal flora in this area predominates by hemicryptophytes (43 species) and phanerophytes (32 species). The phytogeographical elements dominated by taxa of chorological types Euro Mediterranean-Sub Mediterranean, Boreal – Subboreal, Euro-Asian and Euro-Siberian. The relic species are 16 (17.4% of the total species number) and are represented mainly by tertiary relicts. The biological types are represented mainly by perennial herbaceous plants (53.26%), followed by trees (18.48%) and shrubs (15.22%). Presence of a high number of threatened species (listed in IUCN List and European Red List of Medicinal Plants), indicates the importance of this Reserve for biodiversity conservation.

Key words: Flora, conservation status, relict species, medicinal plants

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