Clonal selection of “Kryps Berati” variety of olive

Agricultural University of Tirana, Albanian Gene Bank 1000 Tirana Albania
Center of Agricultural Technology Transfer, Vlora Albania
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The “Kryps Berati” is the principal olive table in Albania with more than 80 % of the national production and occupies 17% of the olive groves surface.By classical method were defined four parcels with this variety composed of 1273 heterogeneous trees in different areas have been subjected to clonally selection. The increasing and stability of production, and the big fruit and tolerance to disease were the breeding objectives.After five years of the phenotype selection of individuals from principal olive population (first phase) there were 27 trees head-clones selected. Selected head-clones were evaluated for the progressive yield and periodicity index. In the second phase, a comparison among the head-clones were for the yield, periodicity index, size of fruit and the ratio pulp / stone were realized.At the end of the study five clones for the periodicity index, and four for the size fruit + ratio pulp/stone, and two clones for oil content were selected. Study shows that phenotypic variance and the heads-clone frequency, were highly influenced by the genotype effect and interaction genotype x environment. In conclusion: The clones have great variation compared to the average population and their multiplication in the future will make the heterogeneous population replacement with another homogeneous population, and greater genetic capacity.

Keywords: Selection; Clonally; Variety: olive; genotype

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