Comparative research of some wheat varieties (Triitcum Aaestivum L) from Hungary under Kosovo agroecologicalconditions

B. Kelmendi 1+2, N. Shala 1 , D.Berisha2+1, I. Cacaj1+2, Rea Tako3

1 “Haxhi Zeka” Universitety  Pejë , Fakultety of Agribisiness, 

2  Iagricultural Institute of  Kosovo – Pejë,  “Adem Jashari” str, 30000 Pejë,  Kosovo

3Agricultural Universtiy of Tirana.Tirana , Albania.

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The object of this study is the investigation of suitability ofcertain cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) of Hungary, and Croatia. Four cultivars of wheat were researched: Super zhitarka, Mv. Marshall Mv. Kolo, compared to a standardcultivar Europe 90. Investigations were conducted in two agro-climatic regions of Kosovo (Arbnesh, the research farm of the Agricultural Institute of Kosovo, Peja – Plain Dukagjin, and Pestova – Kosovo Plain on the land of a privately owned company “Pestova”.  In our study we tested the yield (kg / ha), 1000 seed weight (gr),  hectoliter weight (kg), proteincontent (%), humidity (%), gluten and sedimentation.

The results of our study showed a significant difference in parameters between the cultivars and the different locations when compared to the standard and between each other.  The Agroclimatic and pedological data from Kosovo when compared to the yield obtained from wheat show us that we do use the full genetic potential of the varieties cultivated in our country.

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