Current Situation of the Solid Waste Management in Gjirokastra Region: Problems and Challenges for the Future


1European University of Tirana

2Faculty at Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

3Agricultural University of Tirana, Department of AgroEnvironmental and Ecology, Tirana

4Eqerem Çabej University, Gjirokastra

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The system of collecting waste and the current situation in their management is the main objective of this paper, to help the local government for sustainable waste management in the district of Gjirokastra. Through this study it was possible the provision of a database for the management of actual waste at the regional level, an analysis of actual system of waste management, the criteria necessary for managing them through an approach of sustainable development environmental, economic and social. Geographical space, which is the objective of this study is Gjirokastra district, consisting of three districts and currently, according to the new territorial division of 6 municipalities. To provide data on the current situation of waste used the data of municipalities and communes under the old territorial division. Processing of this database, the most important qualities and characteristics of the area are classified into 6 new municipalities functioning. Also they have interviewed over 250 employees and stakeholders the respective municipalities, and are inventoried evidence on policy practices and technologies used. They were examined waste prevention policies at national, regional and local enforcement practices, and based on general descriptions of available activities to prevent / reuse / recycling has prepared a detailed SWOT analyze. With SWOT analysis and data arising from it the results of this study suggest measures for the sustainable management of waste in the district of Gjirokastra, because the waste generated is collected without any prior sorting and no recycling process for hazardous waste appliances (batteries, etc. together with them even hospital waste). Disposal of waste from communities and municipalities realized using plastic bags or not, but without any preliminary separation according to their content or without taking into consideration all the resource sharing and protection from further urbanization.


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