Determination of the proper time and effectiveness of insecticide, for protection against coodling moth


1AgriNet Albania Foundation, Korçë, Albania

2Fan S.Noli University, Korçë, Albania


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In Albania, apple is one of the most important tree, especially in the coldest north and south – eastern areas, with a production of 80,000 tons per year. Main developed region for this fruit is Korca, it’s provide about 65% of production with 70% of the total number of apples trees planted in Albania. The tendency to increase the apple production per unit of surface, also to introduce new varieties and rootstocks has opened up many problems for apple growers especially with the management of key pests and diseases as coodling moth. Important is the increase of reliability for the effectiveness of the chemical preparations used. It is necessary to conduct a series of studies to provide the proper answer and assistance to apple growers in this direction. My study part of the PhD thesis is based on several experiments aims on the determination of the proper time of application and the effectiveness of insecticides. For this purpose, three insecticides with the lowest negative impact on the consumer and the environment (l.a.granulosevirus, cpgv, l.a indoxacarb, l.a. diflubenzuron) were tested, with the dosage and predetermined amount of solution used. Insecticide treatments were carried out based on monitoring and by alternating preparations and for two basic cultivars Golden Delicious and Star King in both generations of the pest. The effectiveness of insecticides was determined by the rate of infection for each cultivar, compared to control trial.

This experiment could serve to the apple cultivars to increase the reliability on the chemical preparates for the proper time, dosage and the amount of solution used.

Keywords: insecticide, effectiveness, coodling moth, generation.

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