Effect of Light Intensity on Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Olive Plants – Application of mPEA Fluorometer


1Departament of  Physics, University “Ismail Qemali” Vlora, Albania

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Light is one of the basic ecological physics factors, determining not only  the possibility for plants existence but also the physiological state of their photosynthetic apparatus. Applying simultaneous measurements of the kinetics of prompt fluorescence, delayed fluorescence and modulated 820 nm reflection we investigated the response of the photosynthetic apparatus when changing the light intensities (300 – 4000 μmol photons  m-2 s-1)  on olive plant leaves. We describe the  experimental approaches to studying the state of the photosynthetic apparatus and ways to study important structural and functional parameters, such as the quantum efficiency of the electronic flow in the Photo System II, the Photo System I and the electron transport chain between the two photo-systems; the concentration of the active reaction centers of  Photo System II; the electronic capacity of the electronic transport chain; as well the  total parameter that characterizes the  productivity in  photosynthetic apparatus initial reactions.

Keywords: Photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence,  prompt fluorescence , delayed fluorescence,  JIP test,  light intensity.

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