Exploration and collecting local genetic resources of vegetable crops and pulses


Plant Genetic Resources Centre, Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), Albania.
Department of Agro-Environment and Ecology, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, AUT, Albania.


The growth of urban areas that absorb agricultural land, the change in agricultural techniques, the low profitability of farms and their small size, the advanced age of farmers, the conversion of vegetable gardens to other crops, have been and continue to be the major factors affecting genetic erosion in exploration areas. Exploration and collection of local plant genetic resources of vegetable crops and pulses was carried out by implementing the bilateral research project between Albania and FAO (TCP/ALB/3401/Conservation and management of endangered locally adapted crop varieties), with the focus on their preservation and use. During the years 2013 and 2014 several expeditions in rural areas of northern and southeastern Albania were conducted. The exploration, inventorying and collecting local genetic resources in these areas was performed using a GPS system. The National collection was enriched with 192 local vegetable and pulses accessions. Collected materials are listed in the National Register ALB026, according to international descriptors of FAO, ECP/GR and International Biodiversity. The accessions are stored and included in the survey for characterization and evaluation in the National Genebank.
Key wordscollection, conservation, documentation, evaluation, local vegetable and pulses

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