Phytosanitary Status of Some Albanian Grapevine Varieties with Reference to main Viral Diseases


1,2Department ofPlant Sciences and Technologies, Agricultural University of Tirana, Koder- Kamez, 1029, Tirana, Albania

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North part of Albania is considered as a great asset of biodiversity not yet fully explored. Such richness is due to climatic factors, geographical position and pedological/ hydrological factors. As parts of its biodiversity are medicinal plants such as bilberry, (Vacciniummyrtillus L.) considered also as wild food plant.

The study focused on the determining the bilberry flower and fruit development stages in the six explored sites in Tropoja region. With the study, we could define the following stages of flower and fruit development such as early pink bub, early blooming, full bloom, early green fruit and late green fruit.

These observations on flower and fruit development stages are very important to evaluate the progress of the accumulation of anthocyanin in fruit, and how much the flowering and fructification period influence the level of anthocyanin as well as knowing the phenology of flower and fruit development.Also it will contribute to the better understanding of flowering period and fruit ripening in the explored sites

Keywords: medicinal and aromatic plants, biodiversity, bilberry, flowering stages

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