Generalizations about the reactions of some genotypes of olive in terms of the treatment with IBA of vegetative cuttings


Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana Albania

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In this paper are the results of experiments under the treatment with IBA (indol-3 butyric acid) for the autochthonous olive cultivars and the rooting of vegetative cuttings. As regards the dose concentration of IBA, resulted because 4000 ppm dose it gives greatest results for the rooting of vegetative cuttings. But,  the percentage of rooting is different for different cultivars.  Kalinjot CV has demonstrated greater percentage of rooting that Koker Madh Berati. The vegetative cuttings taken in different positions of vegetative segment (apical, midle, base) with IBA 4000 ppm in normal concentration, are presented to collogenese and changes rooting.

Not be noticed significant changes between the rooting of cuttings in apical, middle and base of sprig after the treatment with hormones.  Kaninjot cultivars, Leçino, Ullastra and Mixa have the highest percentage of the rooting.  While almost all unresponsive H.Himara with the IBA hormone. This is related to genetic particularities of these cultivars and it is an indication of their diversification.  Differences observed over the impact on rooting of the tenure of the cuttings in the solution (5’,10’,15’ and 20’).  The timing 10 seconds, has achieved the highest percentage of the rooting.

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