Genetic diversity of subtropical species in west north region

Tatjana Kokaj

Agricultural University of Tirana

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Subtropical tree is considered to be excellent tree for growing in subtropical condition. Subtropical tree has been used traditionally in our country. Fruits are from cultivated trees, semi – domesticated, wild. In the region, it occurs in general fig tree, pomegranate tree, date tree, and last years are cultivated actinidia deliciosa. In this regions founded together cultivated species and wild species, for example in the same place founded wild pomegranate and cultivated pomegranate, cultivated fig and wild fig, cultivated date tree and wild date tree, and actinidia cultivated with two female varieties and one male varieties, planting according one scheme, one male actinida varieties and two actinidia varieties. Those species are very popular in local market. Destinations are for consumer preference, preferred use, and market. There is great variability among pomegranate genotypes, fig genotypes, date tree genotypes in terms of fruit characters: size, skin, color, aril number, aril color hardness of seed, juice, content and it acidity, sweetness, etc for at all species subtropical tree, according descriptor IPGRI, when for 4 fig varieties are characterization with molecular analyses with RAPD.

Keywords: in situ, on farm, variety, ecotype, genotype

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