Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences (AJAS) 

Albanian j. agric. sci. ISSN: 2218-2020   

 Special edition online, International Conference of Ecosystems (ICE)

4-6 June, 2011, Tirana

Table of content


Global Warming and Water Stress on the World. Sukru Dursun, Hysen Mankolli,


1 – 8
Environmental evaluation of the closed basin as sustainable basin management. Ali Berktay


9 – 15
Investigation of sorption isotherms and removal kinetics of  C. I. Basic violet  from aqueous solutios onto perlite. Nasser Modirshahla, Mohammad Ali Behnajady, Razieh Sadeghzadeh


17 – 23
Variations of weekly atmospheric deposition in Erzurum, Turkey. Sevda Ocak


25 – 30
Potential Challenges for Sustainable Landscape Design in Northern CyprusGulay Cetinkaya and Nur Sozen


31 – 36
Conservation aspects of biological diversity in forest ecosystems in the Prut riverbasin (Republic of Moldova). Nina Liogchii, Adam Begu, Ala Donica, Vladimir Brega


37 – 45
Indoor air quality in freestall dairy housing in autumn and the effects of gas emission on environmental pollution. Selda Uzal Seyfi, Sukru Dursun


47 – 55
Regionalisation of the Albanian territory by the fluctuation of yield product and meteorological factors. Afërdita Laska (Merkoçi). Petrit Zorba, Elvin Como and Mirela Dvorani


57 – 63
Determination of ketoprofen and phenylbutazone by high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector. Alma Emiri, Elda Marku


65 – 71
Mitigating climate change through utilization of biomass in the agricultural sector of the Republic of Macedonia. Marina Petrovska., Svetlana Petrovska., Dejan Filiposki.


73 – 78
Effects of different irrigation techniques on dry bean yield and water use efficiency. Ramazan Topak Yavuz Ünüvar Bilal Acar


79 – 84

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