Inheritance of Spike Traits in F1 Generation in Wheat Depending on Parents’ Genetic Diversity 


1University of Prishtina “HasanPrishtina”, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, Kosova

2Food and Veterinary Agency of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosova

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The aim of research was to assess the inheritance of wheat spike length (SL), based on the parents diversity as genes donors, identification and determination the best cross combinations in the F1 generation, as well estimation of heterosis indicators as relation: parents/offspring (P1/F1 and P2/F1). Field trials were conducted during the years 2016/17 and 2017/18, at the Experimental Didactic Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary in Prishtina. Experimental design was a RCBD, with plot size 1m2 in three replications.The experimental formula was: Parents (20-P) + F1-genotypes (10-GF1) x Replications (3-R) x Plants (10P) =900 results. The mean genes value effect (μ) and genotype variation (gv) for (SL)were: for female parents set (P1) µ = 8.99cm spike-1 and gv = ±38.93 %, for the male parents set (P2) µ=8.40cm spike-1 and gv= ±39.66 %, for mid-parent (MP), the µ value was 8.69cm spike-1 and gv = ±30.67%; while for better parent (BP) µ=9.31cm spike-1 and gv = ±37.61%, and for F1 generation µ=10.07cm spike-1and gv = ±22.74%. Magnitude of variation for heterosis (Ht) was 3.47 to 35.30% and for Hb was -11.39 to 28.57%. Through, cross combination of parents, it was possible to identify the superior genotypes in F1 generation: G5; G13 and G24 for SL (11.0cm spike-1). The obtained results were with wide range variability and highly significant differences between parents and genotypes of the F1 generation, on the level of LSDp=0.05 and LSDp=0.01.

Keywords: Wheat, inheritance, parents, spike, F1-generation, hetrosis.


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