Modeling of Rainfall Factor in Soil Erosion Risk in Albania


1Department of Agroenvironment and EcologyAgricultural UniversityofTirana, Tirana, Albania

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Area of the Republic of Albania is characterized with high soil erosion rate. Each year nearly 60 million tons of sediments are deposited by Albanian rivers into the Adriatic Sea. Soil erosion and other associated pollution, are critical problems affecting the economic welfare, food security, and public health of Albania.  In last decades, faster economic growth of the country and lack of soil resources, fresh water, forests etc., reinforce the need for soil protection and soil conservation. That increases the interest for erosion research, especially in the areas highly affected by soil erosion.

The objectives of this paper are to quantify the magnitude of soil erosion affected by climatic conditions to identify high-risk areas for immediate soil erosion control.

Keywords:Soil erosion, land use, rainfall factor.

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