Participatory approach for a better Governance of Protected areas: The case of Llogara National Park in Albania


1Faculty of Economy and Agriobusiness, Department of Economics and Rural Development Policies, Tirana, Albania, 

2Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, Department of Agribusiness Management, Tirana, Albania,

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Despite the engagement and involvement of Albania in international conventions related to sustainable development and environmental protection that promote the concept of participatory planning and management of protected areas, it turns out that interest groups and local communities are not adequately and qualitatively involved in decision-making processes, and even have insufficient information. In this paper we : i) analyze the current situation regarding stakeholder participation in decision-making processes in the National Park Llogara; ii) identify the problems faced regarding stakeholder participation in the Park Management; iii) propose actions to involve actors to take part in the consultative dialogue for promoting their role for a more qualitative management of the Park. The analyses is based on a combination of data gathered from the review of recent documentation and publications, meetings as well as data from interviews conducted with representatives of different interest groups. The responses and discussions that led to semi-structured interviews were used for the assessment and analysis of interest groups and at a later stage for Power Influence Mapping Matrix

The analyses shows that local actors are not sufficiently involved in Park management processes, park values ​​are not sufficiently recognized by the actors, public institutions have not followed all the necessary legal and institutional steps to incorporate of actors in Park management. Local actors are ready and willing to set up institutionalized platforms to contribute and influence the park management and governance.

Based on the results obtained, the paper provides recommendations on how further involvement of stakeholders in the Park management processes can be  promoted, how to properly enforce the implementation of legal and regulatory framework related to transparency and participatory principles related to decision making that impact the Park management

Key words: protected area, participation, community involvement, governance of natural resources, stakeholders analyses, National Park Llogara 

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