Physico-chemical and antioxidant properties of jujube fruit (Ziziphus jujuba) grown in Albania


1Food Research Center, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana/ Tirana, Albania

2Department of Agrifood Technology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana/ Tirana, Albania

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Fruits and vegetables are well known to be health supporters, and it is why the interest for their investigation has increased significantly in recent years. Nowadays is getting popular jujube fruit, especially for its high phenolic content and antioxidant activity. The aim of this paper is to study the physico-chemical properties of Albanian jujube fruit, collected at full maturity stage in Tirana, Durres, and Elbasan region, and their total content of polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidant activity in terms of ABTS (2,2-azino-bis-(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid), both in peel and pulp extracted with 80% methanol. The results revealed that the physico-chemical parameters ranged for TSS 23-27 oBrix, total acidity 0.91-1.02 %, pH 4.5-4.7, and ash 0.88-0.92 %. The antioxidant activity ranged 123.80 to 152.81 ascorbic acid equivalent/100 g for the peel and pulp of jujube fruit, the total polyphenolic and flavonoid content ranged 219.57 to 274.20 mg gallic acid equivalent/100 g and 79.05 to 146 mg catechin equivalent/ 100 g, while anthocyanins were not detected. From these findings may be suggested that Albanian jujube varieties may benefiting intake of health promoting natural antioxidants, also this study may serve as basis for selecting potential jujube varieties and further applications in food industry.

Keywords: Ziziphus jujuba; jujube; antioxidant; polyphenols.