Pomological characteristics and chemical content of the pomegranates (Punica granatum L) in ex situ


1 Agricultural University of Tirana/ Institute of Plant Genetic Resource

2AgriculturealUniversity of Tirana/ Faculty of Biotechnology and Food

*Corresponding author e-mail: tkoka@ubt.edu.al

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Pomegranate (Punica granatum L ) is a fruit very important for our life, especially in the last years information for this fruit and content is more increase. This fruit belong the Mediteranean climate and the Mediteranean spread plant, and our country have privilege to have in her land. The varieties were collected in  ex situ in UBTirane and the characteristics  pomological and chemical are different for each traits. The different varieties are different for different pomological, chemical and morphological traits, the difference are until 5 days for each phase. Fruit weight ranged 250 g to 900 g; aril is red, pink, white and dark red. The number of seed ranged 330 g to 500 g. The weight of seed ranged 120 gr to 462 g. C, chemical traits are different for each trait chemical analyses such are: 1. For Shg 111 – ph is 3.04 when Shg 112 – 3.73 and Shg 113 is 3.02. 2. For Shg 111 – Vit C mg/100 g is 9.2, Shg 112 is 13.6, Shg 113 is 10.15. 3. for Shg 113 – Dry matter is 15.61, 112 is 18.11, Shg 113 is 15.15. For Shg 111 – poliphenol mg/l is 831.29, Shg 112 – 1251.09, Shg 113 691.68. For Shg 111 – antocian is 133.59, Shg 112 is 283.05, Shg 154.46. For at all traits are  realize statistical analyses.

Keywords: pomegranate, traits, pomologichal, chemical, diversyty

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