Recent achievements on exploration and characterization of old local grapevine varieties in our country



¹Genetic Resources Center, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kodër Kamëz, Tirana, Albania.

²Agriculture Technology Transfer Center, Vlora.

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The local varieties have an important value due to their high adaptability to local environmental conditions, diversity of productivity and quality potential.  In the frame of the project TCP/ALB/3401 financed by FAO were surveyed 11 zones such as  Dibër, Burrel, Shkodër, Malësi e madhe, Pukë, Pogradec, Korçë, Leskovik, Gjirokastër, Përmet, Tepelenë and there were discovered 45 old local varieties. Passport data and the ampelographical descriptions were performed according the OIV Descriptor List. Based on the primary survey 41 different cultivars were found and were registered in the database of the Albanian Gene Bank. They represent a significant part from the total number.  12 of them are rare varieties. Three of them present the biological resistance against pathogens.Analyses of the ampelographic features showed that old local studied varieties are characterized by polymorphism of the bunches, berries, as well as by some technological characteristics.  These genotypes differ from each other by eco-geographic origin, their usages, resistance to abiotic factors and pathogens.  The diversity of characters represents an important source for the future genetic improvement, the attractiveness of local products and the creation of the sustainable viticulture in our country.

Key words: grapevine, cultivar, genetic resources

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