Sandy Dunes Vegetation in Narta


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Extensive dunes occur on exposed coastline of Narta area from Vjosa mouth till Old Beach of Vlora. This region in particular has some of the largest dunes anywhere in Albania, with one of the largest expanses at “ Zverneci hills “.
The sandy belt along the coastline is completely bare of vegetation to a length sometimes extending up to 30 m.
The Phanerogamic vegetation appears after this nudded belt, in a sandy belt already washed away by the considerable amounts of salt as a result of rain waters.
Pioneer species Cakile maritima, Xanthium strumarium subsp. italicum, Salsola kali, at the beginning isolated become more frequent when leaving the coastline. The vegetation of this sandy belt belongs to the pioneer association Cakilo-Xanthietum italici.
Gradually going away from the coastline and as the high of sandy dunes is increased, the physiognomy of vegetation is imparted by the species Ammophila arenaria subs parundinaceae, Elymu sfarctus, Echinophora spinosa etc. Ammophiletum association constitutes the last most evolved phase of the vegetation of sandy dunes or the borderline between dune vegetation and the Mediterranean pine forests. These forests are relatively going, cultivated (30-40y ago) recently in order to stabilize the sandy dunes and protect the agricultural lands.
The physiognomy of this formation is imparted by the species Pinus maritima, P.pinea, P. pinaster .The shrub layer is represented by typical Mediterranean species such as Pistacia lentiscus, Erica manipuliflora, Myrtus communisetc, characteristic species of the Class Quercetea ilicis. At the soda forest the shrub layer totally absents. The reason is a very high density of woody layer. These forests appear also very danger in many sectors (old beach of Vlora. Special interest in this formation present the endemic species such as Orchis albanica Goelz&Reinhard as well as a hybrid form Orchis x paparisti.

Keywords: Sandy dunes, Phanerogamy, Mediterranean pine forests, Endemic species.

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