Some Theoretical Considerations on Proximity Models


1 Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, Tirana – Albania

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Studies with focus on networks, clusters and other forms of organization show that geographical proximity is an important factor of success. Also these studies show that geographical proximity alone, might not enable the creation of a network. François Perroux[13], proposes the recognition of the duality of economic activity, by distinguishing between geographical space and “geonomic” one (science that studies the ownership of land), as an abstract space in which the economic activity: transaction, cooperation, competition could be built. In the interactional approach of coordination, the basic unit is not only the individual, but also the relationship between actors.From the perspective of the contribution of coordination, proximity can be seen as a potential for creation in response to an unsafe situation. Proximity can be considered as a framework and condition that allow interaction, and interaction as a possible vector constitutes coordination (interaction does not necessarily bring coordination). In other words, one should consider the possibility of coordination without interactions, to certain conditions of proximity.

Keywords: proximity

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