Static analysis of supporting structure – casing of threshing machine in a Polish combine harvester

Sebastian Podsędek1, Przemysław Winiarski2*, Jarosław Kącki2

1Eng. Student, Technical University of Opole, Polska

2PhD Student, Technical University of Opole, Polska

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The article describes static analysis of threshing machine casing, which is at the same time a supporting structure of a combine harvester manufactured by New Holland Bizon Ltd. The model of the examined machine with Z110 thresher rotor was being produced until 2004, and further modifications of the threshing system are being made to date [1].  To conduct the study, the authors used programs: Inventor 2017 to create a digital model, and Nastran In-CAD 2017 to perform simulation calculations. The purpose of this article was to scrutinize and assay the construction of supporting structure with its damages arising from defects of design, as well as to conduct a static analysis of the object of study with the employment of finite elements method (FEM), using CAD/CAE software and ideas for solving constructional problems by reducing stresses, which may cause failures and, in consequence, unplanned downtime during harvesting. Ultimately, static analysis of proposed solutions was conducted.

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