Study of agricultural, morphological and molecular characteristics of grapevine cultivar “Serinë e bardhë”


¹Genetic Resources Center, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kodër Kamëz, Tirana, Albania.

²Agriculture Technology Transfer Center, Vlora.

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During 2010-2012 vegetation periods in an vineyard at Qilarisht village through a multidisciplinary approach including the comparizon of morphological and agrobiological characters  and analisis of genetic profile have been described and characterized one of the indigenous  white grape wine cultivars “Serinë e bardhë”. It is wide spread  in the South East part of Albania. The study confirms that cv. “Serinë e bardhë” presents distinctive morphological and molecular characteristics. The characters are estimated in numbers that will be used for making passportization of variety in a new way. The identification of this cultivar it is important for the selection as well as for the wider spread of his cultivation. The wine that would be secured will be no doubt interesting for producing. This cultivar is also appropriate to give particular positive characteristics to traditional white wines of zone.

Key words: grapevine, cultivar, morphological, genetic resources.

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