The dynamics of soil microflora in two farming systems, to the biological and conventional


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This research was carried out to study the effect of the organic and green manure on the soil biological activity and the dominant species of the Aktinomicete bacteria and the fungi, responsible for the organic matter mineralization into more assimilable elements for the plant,atmospheric nitrogen fixation and phosphorus mobilization from the organic and indegistible mineral phosphorus compounds.

The microbiological analysis data show that the soil biologi al activity increases relatively to the amount of Organic manure “Aibios” and “Biorga” used, and to the green manure compared with the conventional fertilizing method. Taking into consideration the amount of CO2 created we may say that the usage of the organic manure “Aibios” and “Biorga” in 100 and 20kv/ha dosage respectively increases biological activity 51-69% compared with the control variation, whereas the green manure clover and bean + lolium increases it to 89-100% compared to the conventional fertilization method.

The use of organic manure “Aibios” and “Biorga”, and of the clover + lolium improves the N – fixation capability of the soil from 6.5 to 12.9 mg/199g soil/24 hours.


Keywords: microbiological analysis, species, organic manure

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