The Establishment of the Gene Bank of Kosova, Collection and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources

Shukri Fetahu1*, Dukagjin Zeka1, Imer Rusinovci1, Sali Aliu1, Avni Behluli1, Sylë Sylanaj1, Eva Thorn2

1University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, Str. “Bill Clinton” nn. 10000 Prishtina, KOSOVA

2Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden

*Corresponding author; E-mail: &

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The aim of this research was presentation of the challenges related to the establishment of Gene Bank of Kosova (GBK), together with the results achieved for the inventory, collection, evaluation and “in situ”, “on farm” and “ex situ” conservation of plant genetic resources (PGR) within the GBK, during the period (2004-2015). The Programme for Conservation of PGR, in the Republic of Kosova was established in 2007. The vision of the Programme was effective exploring of PGR as a vital component of national cultural heritage.

Specific objectives were: analysis of the types and number of PGR accessions, distribution and frequency according to altitude and their use for professional and scientific research. The efforts for GBK establishing, began in 2004, within the project “SEEDNET” between: CBM-Sweden and MAFRD-Pristina, Kosovo, which was blocked by Kosovo’s party itself. In 2007, the Kosovo’s Contracting Party was changed, and the Agreement was signed by University of Pristina, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, with the same national coordinator, Dr. Shukri Fetahu. Thereafter, the implementation of the project for establishment of GBK, and professional and scientific activities began. A total of 353 accessions were collected: Maize and Cereals 210 (58.65%), Vegetables 29 (8.10%), Legumes 59 (16.48%), Industrial crops 24 (6.7%), Fodder crops 31 (8.65%) and the Fruits and Vitis 5 (1.39%). The GBK, now is the institution with professional-scientific character and national importance, in the service of conservation and use of PGR in Kosovo, with the mission of conservation of the national heritage of the PGR, for future generations.

Keywords: Plant genetic resources, gene bank, conservation, accession, species.

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