The impact of chemical and biological improvers in reducing salt levels in greenhouses


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The study addresses one of the problems that poses the main risk to the degradation of land in protected environments in greenhouses.The aim of this study was the reduction of salt levels through the use of chemical and biological improvers as the possible alternative in terms of product development according to the principles of organic agriculture.Data chemical analysis of soil samples show a significant reduction of salt levels net of all variants where organic manure is used “Aibios” and gypsum (CaSO4). Lower level of salinity is recorded in version 1, which was used in 1000 quintals / ha organic fertilizer + 40 quintals / ha gypsum.The differences observed in the level of salinity in version 2,3,4 and 5 with respective amounts of 1.78, 1.69, 1.80 and 1.75 ms / cm, think doozave are in response to the use of biological fertilizer “Aibios” and its combination with chemical enhancers CaSO4 (gypsum).The research data also show that the use of organic fertilizer “Aibios” combined with organic fertilizer and gypsum, contributed to lower salt levels, which in our case is the nature chloride.The data analysis shows that about 50% of all salts that are found in the soil of the greenhouses in the study constitute chloride. Chlorine ions (Cl) dissolved in solution associated with terrestrial humic acids present in manure “Aibios” and farmyard manure, making them less removable and less toxic to plants.During further decomposition of manure “Aibios” farmyard manure and also formed CO2, which gives H2O H2SO3, where further disocohet H + + HCO3-.n these situations it happens dissolving the CaCO3 and the relocation of the absorbing complex Na + or H + Ca. Na ions in solution associated with terrestrial humic acids forming sodium humate, which are more soluble and rinsed ground deep into the profile, thus decreasing the level of salt in the horizon of workability, where lies the root system of plants.


Keywords: degradation of land; organic agriculture, fertilizer.

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