The performance evaluation of a local rabbit population


1Center of Agriculture Technology Transfer, Fushe – Kruja

2Agriculture University of Tirana

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The aim of research was to evaluate productive performances of a local rabbit breed population, grown in semi intensive system, in floor pens of different size (130×100 cm vs. 250×100 cm), in groups of 10 heads. The study was carried out in a rabbit farm of Berati district, which lasted from 2009 to 2010. In total 90 heads of rabbits (50 heads females and 40 heads of male heads), were used in this study. The rabbits divided in groups of 10 heads each, were placed in floor pens. The feeding was similar to all groups (ad-libido). The productive indicators taken into account for each individual were; initial live weight (g), final live weight (g), live weight gain (g), average daily gain (g/d), feed intake (g.w.w), feed conversion rate (g.w.w/l.w) and carcass characteristics; slaughter weight, hot carcass weight (l h, g), reference carcasses weight, the front limbs weight, the rear limbs weight, the length of the carcasses, the weight of the head, liver weight, kidney weight, the weight of the heart, full gastrointestinal tract, weight trachea + esophagus + lung, esophagus weight, dressing percentage, reference carcass, total fat (g). The rabbits growth was favorable; It was noticed a slowdown of growing period of about 30 days, a deterioration of the average daily gain, respectively (from 30 to 23 g/d) and feed conversion rate (from 5.1 to 6.01 g w w/g l.w) but thecould dressing percentage comparable to those grown in cagesTechnical radius meat respectively (62.1 % females and 60.7 males), reference radius,respectively 52.8 females and 51.3 males and lean carcasses 1-1.5 % l.w. In conclusion, the productive performances of local breed reared in floor pens of different size, resulted more matured and therefore more acceptable to the consumer, although it was observed a slowdown of growth period

Key words; rabbit, floor pen rearing, productive performance, carcass characteristics.

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