The Search for the Enterobacteriaceae in Yogurt Produced at Industrial Production


1Veterinary Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine Veterinary, Albania;

2Department of Food Microbiology, Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (FSVI), Albania;

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Yogurt s one of the best products of milk. It is easy and digestible for the body human. Microbiological quality of milk and other dairy products is influenced by the initial flora of untreated milk, processing conditions, and pollution from its  treatment after thermal processing. Production moden yogurt, the milk main fallout, usually requires special attention to its quality of receipt, processing up to the benefit of the final product. Attention is usually from air pollution during the process of fermentation and packaging stage. Bacteriological analysis are critical for assessing the quality and safety of yogurt produced industrially. One of the polluters of this product are Enterobacteriaceae, therefore the aim of this study is the identification of these microorganisms in yogurt samples taken in Tirana market conditions. Total of 240 samples were tested yogurt of four different companies during the period December 2013 – September 2014. The samples were spontaneous market from Tirana city and their analysis was near Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (FSVI). Testing was conducted using the standard method ISO 21528-2: 2004. From the analysis of 240 samples (four companies), 83 of them resulted positive for the presence of Enterobacteriaceae, which were counted > 300 colonies. All cases positive were analyzed again for the presence of Escherichia coli (E. Coli) and using by standart technique ISO 7251-2005. These samples resulted negative for presence E. coli.

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