Tuberculosis Due to Mycobacterium Bovis among HIV Co-infected Patients


1Institute of Public Health, Department Control of Infectious Diseases, Tirana, Albania

2University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, Tirana, Albania

3Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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HIV-human immunodeficiency virus and Tuberculosis ( TB)  co-infections affect the health around the world and continue to be a major global public health worldwideTuberculosis (TB) now ranks alongside HIV as a leading cause of death worldwide. HIV and TB form a lethal combination, each speeding the other’s progress. The aim of this study is to evaluate the presence of M.bovis infection among HIV co-infected patients. During the period of time 2004-2015, of the 751 patients infected with HIV, 40 were co-infected with HIV and TB during the period of time 2004-2015. By gender, TB in patients with HIV infection was 12.5 % among women and 87.5 % among men. The level of TB among patients with HIV infection was 5.3 % (40 cases out of 751 HIV positive cases in total). Specific weight of mortality in patients with HIV/TB co-infection during the period of time 2004-2015 was 45 % (18 cases out of 40 cases in total). The level of TB due to M.Bovis among HIV positive patients vas 2.6 % (one case out of 39 HIV positive MTBC-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex cases in total). M.Bovis infection again continues remains a public health risk and impacts on the epidemiology of HIV and TB co-infection disease.

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