Gross patologic findings of edema disease in piglets in Experimental Didactic Farm of the Agricultural University of Tirana


1Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural  University of Tirana

2Experimental Didactic Farm, Agricultural University of Tirana

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Staff of the Experimental Didactic Farm of the Agricultural University of Tirana reported of weaning piglets showing lack of appetite, watery diarrhea and no coordination of movements, among which three piglets had died. From the external examination, the presence of edema of the eyelids and forehead as well as subcutaneous tissue was pretty evident. At the necropsy, the gastrointestinal tract had light focal congestion with pronounced edema presence, especially in stomach mucosa – typical for edema disease. Also, the spiral colon had the appearance of the silkworm pupae, typical of the edema disease. After the diagnosis was made, immediately broad spectrum antibiotic treatment was started and all weaned piglets were put on diet. Clinical symptoms disappeared within a week and the situation was normalized. By reporting specific gross pathological data and other details we intended to attract the attention of veterinary practitioners and farmers dealing with swine toward such an infectious disease.

Keywords: E. coli; edema disease; weaning piglets; gross pathology; colibacillosis.




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