Age composition and growth parameters of bleak (Alburnus alburnus alborella) population in Shkodra Lake


Department of Aquaculture and Fishery, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

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Bleak (Alburnus alburnus alborella, de Filippi, 1844) is an endemic species and one of the most important commercial species of Shkodra Lake. Its catch makes 60-70% of the Lake’s total production. The study aimed to investigate the population status of bleak in the Albanian part of Shkodra Lake by using some biological factors as age composition and sizes, condition factor, growth parameters, growth performance and mortality. The samplings were made by catch. The total length data were composed together as a single time collection and grouped into 1 cm length classes. The growth curve for bleak population was estimated from the relative position of the modes in a single length frequency sample. The von Bertalanffy growth parameters for bleak population were estimated as K=0.42 yr-1; L=27.5 cm; t0=0.00 yr. Based on growth and mortality data of the population, some considerations on fishing effort are presented in order to ensure the sustainable exploitation of the reserve.

Keywords: bleak, growth parameters, mortality.

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