Analysis of Potential Factors Affecting the Development of Agri-tourism in Peja Region


1Peja municipality , “Hasan Prishtina” , Street, p.n. Peja, Kosova
2Agriculture University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness/Koder-Kamëz, Tirana, Albania

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Complexity and diversity of services differentiate tourism from other business activities. In the Republic of Kosova tourism services are offered by private capacities without any prior analysis or design of development strategies. This might be attributed to the lack of coordination between public and private sector activities and limited financial resources of the private sector. Kosova would benefit a lot if it orients towards agri-tourism development potentials, thereby transforming the last ones into dynamic development assets for the progress of the country. This paper is aimed at identifying the conducive spaces and factors to agri-tourism development in Peja region, Kosova. The analysis of different aspects of agri-tourism development will be focused on identifying both the attractiveness and benefits deriving from such activity. For study purposes there was conducted a survey by making use of three types of questionaires. Descreptive statistics has been used for data analysis. Linear and Logit models have been used for data processing rearding the general part of the questionaire, whereas ANOVA model has been used for the data processing related to the hypothesis testing. This analysis has been the focal point for the designing of important conclusions and recomenndations related to the development of agri-tourism in Peja Region, Kosova.

Keywords: agri-tourism potentials, agri-tourism attractiveness, ANOVA, linear and logit models

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